Ambrose Rhapsody Murray
Born 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Ambrose Rhapsody Murray is a self-taught painter and seamstress who received their BA in African American studies from Yale College in 2018. Their experience in liberation movements and social justice spaces across the South continues to inform their praxis as a Black, queer, Southern artist who strives to create work that heals, transforms, and makes a tangible impact. Their process is an exploration of how bodies and land act as sites of historical memory and mystical/imaginative potential. The act of making through sewing, painting, and assemblage becomes a process to imagine and visualise the complex layers and depths of the stories that live within bodies, as well as to contemplate and imagine the thin veil that exists between the spiritual world and the physical world.
Ambrose Rhapsody Murray, Within listening distance of the sea..., 2021, Vintage Kantha quilts, digital print on satin, vintage slip dress, sequins, and various textiles, 274 x 190.5 cm. Courtesy of Fridman Gallery.

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