Aicha Filali
Lives & Works in Tunis, Tunisia
Aicha Filali’s work covers a range of social issues. She works across many forms, including sculpture, installations, and portraits, and uses different materials and techniques, from ceramics and fabrics, to photos and collages. Drawing inspiration from quotidian events and social interactions occurring in her immediate environment, Filali’s art conveys a sharp yet sensitive outlook of and commentary on society. Filali has exhibited her art regularly since 1984, having presented around 15 solo exhibitions in her career. She has taken part in the exhibition “Dégagements” in the Arab World Institute in Paris, France, and “La Vie en Rose'' at the IFI gallery in Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany. She has also sold several of her artworks in Sotheby auctions. Aïcha Filali will be presented by Galerie La La Lande.
Aïcha Filali, Mondher et Amel, 2013, Photomontage printed on fabric and mixed technique needlework, 115 x 143 cm. Courtesy of the Galerie La La Lande.

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