Ahmed Hajoubi
Lives & Works in Rabat, Morocco and Paris, France
Ahmed Hajoubi is a contemporary Moroccan artist known for his transformative exploration of childhood undertaken through a diverse range of mediums. His works encompass drawing, sculpture, painting, installation, and performance, displaying a meticulous mastery of many materials and artistic forms. With a constant jubilant ambiance, his art evokes a sense of wonder and astonishment, inviting audiences to momentarily reconsider the world through his lens. Hajoubi's significant projects include the exhibition "Qorchal," during which he explored the symbolism of wool and introduced a new dimension to his artistic journey. His works often feature lost boats, charred cushions, and chaotic interiors, symbolizing the triumph that is the creation of the new to heal past wounds. Having gained critical acclaim, Hajoubi's art has been acquired by numerous institutional and private collections, both in Morocco and internationally. Ahmed Hajoubi will be presented by So Art Gallery. 
Ahmed Hajoubi, Qorchâl, 2022, Wool, metal and plexiglass on wood, 100 x 100 cm. Courtesy of So Art Gallery.

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