Adelaide Damoah
Born 1976 in London, United Kingdom 
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom 
British-Ghanaian artist Adelaide Damoah works at the intersection of painting and performance within the context of colonialism, identity, sexuality, and spirituality. Her current practice involves using her body as a ‘living paintbrush’ to paint or print onto various surfaces. Initially inspired by a desire to subvert Yves Klein’s Anthropometries, in which he directed a group of women to cover their nude bodies in his signature Blue paint and then imprint themselves on white paper, Damoah prints her body onto white surfaces, thereby remixing Klein’s original performance through her own identity and encouraging discussions about female representation, feminism, sexual stereotypes, and art history. Combining her body prints with found images, text, and gold, she also explores her personal family history and Britain’s colonial past with Ghana in her work. Damoah is a founding member of the Black British Female Artists Collective and the Intersectional Feminist Art Collective.
Adelaide Damoah, Just Touching. Ekpaa, 2021, Cyanotype and 24-karat yellow gold leaf on handmade paper, 13 x 20 cm. Courtesy of Sakhile&Me.

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