Adegboyega Adesina
Lives & Works in Lagos, Nigeria
Adegboyega Adesina explores the complex relationship between human beings and the spaces that they inhabit. He creates art for the purpose of documentation, self-expression, and to help understand himself as an individual with multiple axes of belonging. Adesina’s works present a complex but highly personal investigation of Nigeria through the lens of his personal history, as well as the people, cultures, traditions, and political views that he feels are instrumental in shaping his country.  Adesina creates intimate portraits of Black subjects with rich colour palettes, conveying their unique personalities. He is inspired by imaginary worlds of fairy tales to build his characteristic cartoon-like style.
 The portraits are an expression of Adesina's understanding of the current state of cultures in Africa, acknowledging the ongoing effects of colonialism and the process of digitization, particularly on millennial Africans. Adegboyega Adesina will be presented by Galleria Anna Marra. 

Adegboyega Adesina, Could you sing me a song, 2023, Acrylic and Charcoal on canvas, 101.5 x 122 cm, Courtesy of Galleria Anna Marra.

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