Adalberto Ferreira (Toy Boy)
Born in 1978 in Bié, Angola. Lives and works in Luanda, Angola.
In his own words, Adalberto Ferreira, better known as ‘Toy Boy’, his artistic alias, was educated in the ‘school of life’, and subsequently wields a practice wholly committed to social justice and change, issues that have remained close to his heart. For many years, Ferreira was involved in a pioneering hub of young artists based at Elinga Theatre, a longstanding space dedicated to theatre performance in Luanda. It was here that he produced some of his first photographic installations, paintings, and set designs. His paintings commingle bold figures with typographic motifs. Ferreira often works around ideas of urbanism, human interaction, organic movement, and cultural customs. Ferreira has since exhibited across Luanda, with two solo presentations at Tamar Golan Gallery in Luanda, entitled Urbanism, in 2012 and The War, in 2014.
Adalberto Ferreira (Toy Boy), 'Pregnant Woman', 2014, Acrylic painting on canvas, 152cm x 107 cm, Courtesy of Tamar Golan Gallery

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