Abdoulaye Konaté
Born 1953 in Diré, Mali
Lives and works in Bamako, Mali
Combining the aesthetics of the local with global subject matter, Abdoulaye Konaté merges political commentary and traditional craftsmanship. He creates textile-based installations using woven and dyed clothes, as well as materials native to his homeland of Mali. Konaté’s abstract and figurative tableaux explore both aesthetic languages and diverse socio-political and environmental issues. Referring to the West African tradition of using textiles as a means of communication, the artist balances the global issues with an intimate reference to his own life and country. His work often questions the ways in which societies and individuals have been affected by factors such as war, the struggle for power, religion, globalisation, ecological shifts, and the AIDS epidemic. A symphony of colours and a wide deep research through symbols and essence — this is the path Konaté is crossing in his works. His joyful compositions immerse viewers in a universe filled with symbols and an atmosphere charged with significance.
Abdoulaye Konaté, Bazin et motifs Assa Dione, 2022, Textile, 155 × 114 cm. Courtesy of Primo Marella Gallery and the artist.

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