Abdel Rasoul, Soad
Born 1974 in Cairo, Egypt
Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt
Soad Abdel Rasoul employs multiple media to create detailed and interweaving human and geographical maps that trace our roots within the living world. By depicting metamorphosed figures, she does not seek to visualise human physical beauty, but attempts to reflect on the earth’s elemental existence and its connections between humans. Tree-like figures, branching veins and arteries, and monstrous insect-like characters merge on ink-colour-mixed media canvases and collage busts. Her use of map fragments and scientific illustrations of the human body re-conceptualises the way we perceive space and repurposes notions of body, science, and nature. Rasoul graduated in 1998 from Fine Arts, completed her master’s in history of Art in 2005, and finished her PhD in Modern Art History in 2012. She has had two solo exhibitions, one in Nairobi and Cairo and her work has been included in several group shows throughout her career. In the last year her work has been displayed in three group shows.
Soad Abdel Rasoul, Woman and Face, 2017, Mixed media, 32 x 22 x 74 cm. Courtesy Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

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