Abdel Mohsen, Ali
Born 1984 in Cairo, Egypt
Lives and works in New York, USA
Ali Abdel Mohsen draws and uses acrylic colours mixed with dirt and cigarette ashes on the surfaces of disused cardboard boxes to convey his perceived decline of contemporary society. Strongly influenced by his surroundings and the 2011 Egyptian uprising, his work depicts a dystopic world shaped by nihilism and paranoia. Placed in post-apocalyptic scenarios and undefined urban spaces, the scenes portray a society where violence, chaos and corruption have taken over. Despite the faceless nature of his subjects, Abdel Mohsen portrays a slow war, where alienated figures suggest some latent signs of resilience. Last year, he held a solo exhibition at Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Slow War. His work has been featured in group exhibitions in Cairo, Beirut, Hamburg, Paris, New York and Dubai.
Ali Abdel Mohsen, Anonymous Ruler, 2017, Mixed media on cardboard, 100 x 87 cm. Courtesy Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

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