Listen back to 1-54 Forum Paris on all podcast platforms!

Matson Collection, Library of Congress. Courtesy of Rachel Dedman, Radio Earth Waves.

The 1-54 Forum Paris programme, curated by LE 18, is now available to listen to on the 1-54 podcast, accessible on all major podcast platforms in both English and French.

Abdellah Hassak, Makan Project, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.

Listen to a radio performance by Abdellah Hassak, Othman El Kheloufi and Ghassan El Hakim exploring the use of Moroccan vinyls and sound archives today, hear Aude Mgba and Nadine Atallah discuss the histories of art schools across the continent from the nineteenth century to the present; and join many other creatives and researchers who spoke on the programme including Emo de Medeiros, Jeanne Mercier, Carolle Benitah, Anne Delrez, Yasmina Reggad, Rachel Dedman, Touda Bouanani, Samba Gadjigo and Nadir Bouhmouch.

Happy listening!

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