Goodman Gallery presents film programme at 1-54

With screenings everyday from 12:00 to 13:00 between the 6-8 October, Goodman Gallery presents a film programme entitled History is Not Mine for the fifth edition of 1-54 London.

Drawing its title from Mounir Fatmi’s History Is Not Mine (2013), the selection of films considers overlooked and suppressed histories. Tabita Rezaire’s video Deep Down Tidal (2017) explores the transoceanic networks into which Africa is implicated, navigating the ocean as a graveyard for Black knowledge and technologies. Kiluanji Kia Henda’s short film Havemos de Voltar (We Shall Return) (2017) inspired by a poem by Agostinho Neto, proposes that in order for Africans to be effectively independent they should repatriate all cultural heritage from the pre-colonial period. In Hank Willis Thomas’s video Overtime (2011) a lone basketball player pits himself against the perimeters of the court, the hoop is at once a noose and history itself.

No pre-booking required.

Mounir Fatmi, History Is Not Mine, 2013, Video Still. Courtesy Goodman Gallery

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