1-54 London 2022
Edmond de Rothschild
Heritage Group

For this edition, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage group will be presenting at the fair their exclusive bottles Château des Laurets Baron Edmond de Rothschild The Time 2018. Especially created by the glass artist Gilles Chabrier, these stunning bottles are “both visual and tactile” and enhance the exceptional Baron Edmond 2018 plot selection from Château des Laurets. 36 magnums and 36 double magnums created by the artist to form a collection of unique, numbered pieces reflect both the time required to produce this wine and the expected longevity of the 2018, a great Bordeaux vintage. Maya Ines Touam turned Gilles Chabrier’s bottles into pictures with a triptych retracing “the passing of time, the excitement of pursuing interests and human and family activity in the vineyard.”

The idea was born in a vineyard somewhere in Spain. Ariane de Rothschild was amazed to discover bottles peering out from underneath a constellation of mould and mushrooms, off-white witnesses of a single force at work in the shadows of the cellars: time. Aware of this significance for the upcoming vintage from the Baron Edmond plot selection from Château des Laurets – a vintage almost ready to defy time – she sent the photographs to Gilles Chabrier.

The glass engraver and sculptor set to work in his Paris studio, putting all his expertise into the creation. He designed a bottle whose lower part reproduces the veiled, almost sedimentary effect of cellar ageing. The result is strikingly realistic. He coiled a brass ring around the upper part, onto which he engraved ancient temporal symbols to evoke both the past and the future. According to the artist, the frieze depicts “man’s mastery over time, his input in the ageing process of a fine wine.”

The effect of Gilles Chabrier’s work in light and dark is a subtle patina, as if beauty were emerging from the shadows. Using brass was a deliberate choice: the material evolves and develops an increasingly subtle sheen when left unvarnished. A striking parallel with the evolution of fine wine. 36 magnums and 36 double magnums have been created by the artist’s hand. They constitute the third instalment in a collection of unique artworks, with this particular one dedicated to the 2018 vintage from the Baron Edmond plot selection from Château des Laurets. Each bottle is numbered and presented in a custom-made transparent box. This case protects the wine from vibrations, temperature variations and ultraviolet rays so it can continue improving until the ideal moment for tasting.

We are delighted to showcase this unique piece of design and winery for our 10th anniversary edition!

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