1-54 London 2022
HOME by Ronan Mckenzie

HOME is excited to present a new solo exhibition by Alfie Kungu, developed through an exploration of process.

This new body of works see Kungu experiment with techniques that through practice and symbolism bring together concepts Kungu calls ‘relief painting,’ deliberately emulating the effect of marker pen bleeding through to pages underneath. Alongside finding relief through these works, Kungu plays with themes of absorbency, with larger scenes becoming abstracted whilst keeping their own narratives which are subtle and ambiguous. Across the works, Kungu weaves in dualities of the naive and childlike through the use of heavy-handed machinery within works that create a dance between artist and tool. Creating space for self-soothing, the exhibition highlights works that feel therapeutic in connecting to sides of Kungu’s being which have been somewhat neglected or ignored, whilst serving as comfort where the artist places himself within scenes and spaces that embrace togetherness.

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